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The single was the UK Singles Chart Christmas number one single in 1993 Please visit Mr Blobby on Facebook Dec 25, 2015. It's the most sought after number one of the year - and on Christmas Day we'll know who's taken top honours in this year's festive chart. Will it be. The Mr Blobby spoof theme song" Mr Blobby" was released as a single, and hit# 1 on the UK top 40 charts.

On 11 December 1993, it hit# 1, replacing Meat Loaf's". 1 on the UK Singles Chart on 11 December 1993, replacing Meat Loaf's" I'd Do Anything for Love. Mr Blobby made a surprise return to the No. 1 spot on Christmas Day, and repeated that position the following week. Apr 21, 2006 · The original Mr Blobby music video from 1993.

This footage was recovered from an old VHS tape (look it up kids), the audio was so poor that it was dubbed over with the. Blobby's 1993 Christmas release" Mr Blobby"which topped the UK Singles Chart for three weeks. Catalogue no. Release Date 1" Mr Blobby" BBCV 5157: Want to see what was in the Christmas Top 10 charts of 1993 via the land of Teletext in which a certain pink Mr Blobby was number 1 then look no further!

" Mr Blobby" is a novelty song performed by character Mr Blobby, famous for appearing in the TV programme Noel's House Party. The song originally peaked at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart on 11 December 1993 for one week but reclaimed the top spot to become the Christmas number one single, and spent a total of three weeks at No.

1. Find out with our definitive ranking of every Christmas No 1 of the past 25 years. And remember – we are not to blame for some of what you are about to witness. 25 Mr Blobby – My Blobby (1993) Mr Blobby The 1993 novelty hit, brainchild of Simon Cowell and made famous on Noel Edmond's House Party, was voted the most irritating Christmas number of all time in a poll of 4, 000 music-lovers.

Mr Blobby was yesterday named the most annoying Mr blobby xmas no 1 No 1 single. The 1993 song was by the polka-dotted character from Noel's House Party. The Christmas Number Ones prior to 1952 are based on sheet music sales. The artists listed for those hits are the ones mainly responsible for popularising the song.

Number 1 index | Christmas index Mr Blobby is a character featured on Noel Edmonds' Saturday night variety BBC television show Noel's House Party, portrayed by Barry Killerby, and was the brainchild of British comedy writer Charlie Adams, a writer for the show. A bulbous pink figure covered with yellow spots, he has a permanent toothy grin and jiggling eyes. Mr Blobby communicates only by saying the word" blobby" in an. Dec 7, 2016. Starring Bob the Builder, Mr Blobby and Simon Cowell!.

The intention of the UK's Christmas Number One, is to join the whole nation together. Mr Blobby is voted the worst Christmas number one single, while Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody is the most popular.

But how many of you know what the Christmas Number 1 was the year you were born?. 1993 Mr Blobby Mr Blobby 1994 East 17 Stay Another Day All the singles and albums of MR BLOBBY, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-week chart runs and latest news. We use cookies to make sure Official Charts is the Number 1 chart site on the web. Mr Blobby For Xmas No. 1 2016 To Beat X Factor. 32 likes · 1 talking about this. lets beat the X factor and give mr blobby his 3rd number 1 THIS WEEK ACROSS TIME – Mr Blobby: Back Into Hell BEING THE SEASON of yuletide and all things pleasurable and happy, I thought it appropriate to examine that yearly event that so many of us the world over wait for in such antici.

pation – the UK Christmas No. 1! Mr Blobby – ‘Mr Blobby’ (1993). A shameless novelty cash-in, and not even a particularly good one: gibberish lyrics about the pink alien from Noel’s House Party and some cloying Christmas.

Mr Blobby Music Video [1993 Christmas Number 1] Share this video on. IT is what a Christmas no. 1 SHOULD BE! It SHOULD NOT BE more crap from The X Factor! Mr. No dodge, no doubt, no backing out Blobby, oh Mr Blobby, if humanity's a question of degree Blobby, Mr Blobby, stay loyal to your Blobby pedigree Dec 20, 2009. the public's unnerving appetite for" novelty" tracks such as Mr Blobby or. St Winifred's School Choir – There's No One Quite Like Grandma. Mr Blobby was yesterday named the most annoying Christmas No 1 single.

The 1993 song was by the polka-dotted character from Noel's House Party.