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It's a yearly tradition for metal bands, sometimes of the very extreme death/black variety, to pull out a few tongue-in-cheek Christmas covers around this time. While most are just jokes or aren't pulled off with much effort, there have been a handful of legitimately awesome heavy metal Christmas. Guaranteed to give you an unsilent and unholy Christmas while getting you into the festive spirit with a bit of untraditional headbanging, here are the best metal Christmas songs.

From Rob Halford to Dio to Alice Cooper, here are 10 metal-flavored Christmas songs to make any family gathering a little bit louder. - Dio News- antiMUSIC. com Dec 17, 2015. Christmas music, carols and songs are a sublime gift that heralds a special time. Xmas Everybody' that artists began competing for the now coveted top spot. . Christmas Metal Songs - Deck The Halls [Heavy Metal Version.

Read on for 10 hard rock and metal Christmas albums that might prove the perfect fit for background music at Christmas dinner. Winter Songs. Heavy metal and. Christmas Metal Songs - Carol Of The Bells [Heavy Metal Version Cover] - Orion's Reign.

Christmas Songs - The First (heavy metal) Noel. Greatest Hard Rock Songs Hits All Time | Best Hard. Lyrics: On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me, a tattoo of Ozzy! On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me, 2 pairs of spandex pants There’s a long tradition behind making Heavy Metal Christmas songs available for those less inclined to enjoy the croonings of the Rat Pack or the pop anthems from the ‘80s.

2018 New Metal Music Releases. ↳ Heavy Alternative Rock. MMA TOP 5 Metal ALBUMS Rating by members, ranked by custom algorithm Here, he puts a dark, chilling metal spin on the Christmas song" Santa Claws Is Coming to Town. " Notice the" Claws, " too. The song also features Billy Sheehan, John 5 and Vinny Appice, making it an A-list metal jam. The best Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Christmas songs. A personal Top 10 of the most awesome Rock and Metal songs for the holidays.

Heavy Metal versions of Christmas carols and well known Xmas songs. Let’s be honest here, most Christmas songs suck. Whether they be pop, heavy metal or hip hop, at best they’re amusing to hear once or twice but are usually just novelty songs that are no. The Top Ten Metal Xmas Songs. Heavy Metal Christmas. (Winter Songs, 2009) Even the Metal God snuck out a solo album of Christmas covers when no one was looking. So if you love Christmas music but long for something more extreme than Mariah Carey, here are 25 hard and heavy Christmas songs guaranteed to rock in your stockings and metal up your holiday season!

AC/DC, ‘ Mistress For Christmas ’ Oct 27, 2007 · Lyrics: On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me, a tattoo of Ozzy! On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me, 2. 13 Totally Rocking Christmas Songs. and it’s quite possibly the best Christmas song on our list.

Awesome stuff. ‘Heavy Metal Christmas’ Featuring. This is one of the best metal Christmas cds I have ever heard in my life.

All of the songs rock hard, A must have for people who own A Twisted Sister Christmas, Monster ballad Christmas, and We wish you a Metal Christmas. AC/DC, Dio, Type O Negative, Korn and more deck the halls with heavy riffs. Here are our top 5 super metal Christmas songs to punish your eardrums: See. epic head banger that's so old school heavy metal that you can almost feel their sweaty man-grease flying from your.

Rocks Off likes to believe that Christmas is such a merry holiday, even some of Satan's most stalwart servants can't help but get into the act. Of course, it could be that heavy metal musicians. Metalholic’s Top Hard Rock and Metal Christmas Albums. But it got us here at Metalholic thinking about some heavy holiday wares worthy of a listen if not a.

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